Monday, December 15, 2014

A Cuckold Christmas

If you believe in Santa Claus and you're a wannabe cuckold this might not be a bad time of year for you.

You fantasize seeing your wife with another man.  That's usually how it starts.  You probably weren't even aware about cuckolding or what it was.  Then you read about it and it's what you want.  You immediately realize that you're meant to be a submissive cuckold.  The signs were always there.  Your wife plays coy in the beginning, telling you she's not sure she could go through with it.  Then one Christmas season, she changes her mind.

You're surprised at her sudden turnaround.  She's happy.  Very happy.  So is Santa.  She becomes less inhibited.  Santa introduces her to his friends.


And finally on Christmas morning there's a wonderful gift waiting for you under the tree.

You get to enjoy your first cream pie.