Monday, December 31, 2012

A Boy and His Girdle

That was me many years ago.  A teenage boy modeling a girdle in front of an older man.  The girdle belonged to Gerry's wife and it fit me quite nicely.  It was a long legged panty girdle that had a little pink ribbon on the front at the waist and looked something like the picture attached.  It also had a zipper on the side and some little eyelet hooks.  I had a hard time with the hooks so Gerry had to help me get into the girdle, laughing as I struggled with it.

Gerry used to make me model for him just about every time we were together.  I would wear either some of his wife's things or his daughters', and he would make me assume certain poses, positions or just prance around like a sissy.  He definitely had a thing for girdles because his wife had several and when he had me put them on, the modeling sessions lasted longer than when I was wearing any other type of lingerie for him.

Of course, every modeling session would end with my getting on my knees and sucking his cock.  

The girdle also kept me confined and even though I had no idea about chastity devices then and chastity as a sexual fetish or fantasy, the confinement was pleasantly annoying.  I would be aroused, but the girdle's tightness would prevent my penis from getting bigger, or at least it felt that way.

I enjoyed being "girdled" as Gerry used to call it.  I never asked him to wear the girdles, never wanting him to know I was eager or fond of any particular garment over another.  I think he liked it that way, being in control of the decision as to what I would wear.

It's too bad that girdles were sort of going out of fashion with women as I was growing up.  I grew very fond of them and remain so to this day.  And I don't just enjoy wearing them either.  They look absolutely gorgeous on any woman, making their asses look good enough to eat.