Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Weekend Sissy Maid

It's Saturday afternoon, Debbie's upstairs with Hal and I'm downstairs prancing around in heels and my maids uniform.  We have a cleaning lady so there's not much to do, but Debbie has me polishing the silverware.  Honestly, it's just a humiliating task for me to do while she's in bed with her lover.  She'll inspect it when she's done with Hal and probably have me do some over again.

I guess polishing silverware is typical maid duty.  At least that's what Debbie says.

There's another duty that I'll be expected to complete before the afternoon is over.  It's not exactly polishing, but it does involve keeping something clean.  It's also not part of a typical maid's duties, unless it's a cuckolded sissy maid.