Saturday, May 25, 2013

Humiliation Spanking

The first time I got spanked by Debbie in front of Karen was one of the most humiliating things I ever experienced.  It's happened several times since then, and naturally it's not as humiliating as the first time.

Still, there's something embarrassing about being put over your wife's lap, your panties lowered and then spanked in front of her friend.  Imagine if there were another friend?  Or maybe several?

That's what the discussion was about late last night as Debbie swatted my ass in front of Karen.  The pink panties were down by my ankles, dangling there as if to laugh at my lack of manliness.

"Who should we invite to see the next spanking" Debbie asked Karen.

Several names were mentioned.  Women they knew from work.  I remember Patty, Valerie and Lorraine.  But there were more.  They laughed.  I was out of The Birdlock, so I got harder.

Then Karen suggested Phil.  "He's such a stud.  I'd love to get him in bed!"

That's when I came on Debbie's lap.