Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Cuckold's Tools

When you're a cuckold, your cock becomes rather insignificant when it comes to sex life with your wife.  If you're allowed to masturbate or play with yourself, does its size really matter? 

However if your wife is like Debbie she expects you to be able to perform sexually in other ways.  Otherwise, beyond being a provider of sorts to her well-being, what good would you be?

One of those other ways is to please her orally.  To do so effectively, your tongue has to be in pretty good shape.  Much of that comes with practice.  I've gotten plenty of practice.  And so far, Debbie is always pleased with my performance.

However, I suppose there's always room for improvement and maybe there's certain oral exercises, or more specifically, things that could be done to get my tongue in better shape, stronger, or perhaps even longer.

Here's a possible "exercise" that might help achieve that:

I wonder if the Dominant who secured the weight on this submissive's tongue had that in mind?  Or were they thinking of something else?

A tongue is a cuckold's most important tool.  They should do whatever it takes to keep it in the best of shapes.