Thursday, November 27, 2014

Her Facesitting Process

An obsession with facesitting?  Guilty as charged.  It doesn't harm anyone does it?  Okay, maybe it can get a little uncomfortable at times for the person providing the "seat", but I've always found it worth it.

Here's a little trifecta of pictures which depicts a Domme's approach to applying her pretty privates to her submissive's face.

First, she waits patiently for her boy's arrival.  She's instructed him to disrobe and bring a couple of toys with him.   He tells her he's ready, but she tells him to wait until she's done reading. 

When she's finally ready, he follows orders, crawling back to her obediently.  He gets excited that perhaps she's going to take him out for a walk.

Instead the poor pet will have to wait.  Maybe some other time.  Tonight she has something else in mind.


Photos from Brutal Facesitting.