Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sissy Cockscuker

The time I spent sucking my neighbor Gerry's cock during my teenage years played a big part in turning me into a lifelong submissive.  Before that, i had this fetish for women's lingerie and other articles of clothing.  When Gerry discovered it he exploited it to the fullest.

It wasn't just the clothing that would get me aroused and in the mood to suck Gerry's cock.  Once and awhile, in addition to having me slip into his wife's or daughter's bra and panties, he'd make me put lipstick on before I sucked his cock.  I'd stand in front of the mirror dressed the way he wanted me and do my best to apply the lipstick.  Sometimes, it would take me as many as 5 or 6 tries before it met with his approval.  Those were the times when we had whole afternoons or more together. 

The lipstick was his idea.  Even though I enjoyed it, I believe he liked it even more.  It seemed to make his cock grow even bigger, and I always thought he shot bigger loads.

He loved to call me his sissy cocksucker....especially when I was wearing lipstick.