Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ass Worshiping Again and Again

I'm back from a two week warm weather vacation that was as relaxing a vacation as I've ever had.  Of course there were the daily calls to and from the office but I can deal with that.  I got a little spoiled because I got to spend a little extra time each day out of my Birdlock.  There were times however where I was rushed back to the room to get it back on, the result of my inability to control my reactions to the bevy of beauties on the beach. 

I spent many hours (I wish I had actually kept track) between Debbie's thighs and between her lovely ass cheeks with my tongue deep into her orifices.

While we were away, I stayed in touch with Karen and Debbie also kept up with her lovers Tony and Hal. So when we got back this weekend, the first order of business was for me to pay a visit to Karen while Debbie hosted Tony for a pre-Super Bowl fucking.

Karen was absolutely delicious.  I liked her beautiful ass over and over, in between a heavy session with her strap-on.

By the time I got back home, Tony had left and I was able to get my cleanup done before the start of the game. 

Here's a great tumbler blog I want to share with you, especially if you're into worshiping female posterior like I am:

It's called "Girls Assholes" and I've now got a link to it in my "Visual & Special Treats" blog listings.  In my opinion, it's more like visiting a shrine than a tumblr blog!