Saturday, February 16, 2013

An Insignificant Cuckold

I intended to follow up on Saturday's post yesterday, but decided to wait until today to get my thoughts together.  It was just a weird day and a weird sort of ending to Debbie's rendezvous with Hal.

I stayed downstairs the entire time they were upstairs together in our bedroom.  I occupied myself by polishing the silverware and a few other things while dressed in my maids uniform.  One can only polish those spoons so many times and I turned on the television to watch a basketball game.  It's hard to get into a game when you're dressed like I was.  But I tried.

Time passed and I was surprised at how long they were staying upstairs.  I heard the lovemaking at times but it was lasting longer than usual.  Also, I hadn't been called up at all.  Usually, I'm summoned to clean up and to be honest, it was something I was looking forward to.

It was almost 5 PM when Hal came down fully dressed, said he was running late and had to head out.  There was a brief "thanks" and a "see you in a few weeks" and then he was gone.  The game I was watching was relatively close and there was only a few minutes left so I decided to finish watching it.  When it was over, I decided to head upstairs to see Debbie and do my cuckold clean-up duty.

Much to my disappointment, she was in the shower.  She saw me in the bathroom through the shower doors and said "Are you going to stay dressed like that all night?  We're meeting Laurie and Bret at their place at 6 before heading out to dinner.  Hurry up and change." 

I was more than just disappointed.  I was downright pissed.  But I obeyed.  For one thing, my cock was throbbing in The Birdlock and very uncomfortable.  The discomfort isn't so bad when you get to serve like a cuckold is supposed to.  The subspace you find helps lessen the pain and discomfort.  There would be no such subspace, and no time to take a warm shower to help soothe my privates. 

I changed and we met our vanilla friends for dinner.  All night I kept thinking about how insignificant I was to Debbie on Saturday.  She sensed my disappointment even though I tried my best not to show it. 

She was mostly dismissive about what happened.  When we got home I got a "I hope you're not upset" from her.  I told her I was a little disappointed.  "Well, we just lost track of time.  I'll try to make it up to you later this week.  Tony might be over" she answered with a smile. 

She didn't even check on the silverware to see if I had done a good job.  Talk about being insignificant.


She could have at least let me watch.