Friday, January 16, 2015

Woman Worship

I've read blog posts on several FemDom type blogs about body worship after a woman's had a sweaty workout, a run, bike ride, etc.  There's a certain aroma, an earthy and musky smell that's quite unique and can give a submissive male quite a rush.  It's also quite a display of one's devotion to a particular woman. 

I got to experience that with Karen once again last night after her workout at the gym.  I had to wait for her at her place, an indication that the workout lasted longer than I anticipated.  It made the ensuing experience that much more savory.

Karen had a distinct process she wanted to follow.  There were three steps to it. 

Her pussy came first for two reasons.  One, she wanted an orgasm...and quickly.  Two, she always insists that I lick her pussy before I tongue her ass.  I was glad to oblige. 

The salty taste of her sweat, the muskiness I referred to and the flowing juices of her pussy combined to form a dining experience that is like none other.

Her ass came next.

Ass worshiping is symbolic enough of submission without adding the indignity of licking an ass after a sweaty session in the gym.  She shoved her ass in my face and held it there before finally sitting on it for maximum tongue penetration.  It seems like I could never get deep enough to totally please her.  She insisted on deeper penetration no matter how far I went.  When the ass licking was over, she commended me on how good I've gotten at this particular skill.

Her last step in the process was to treat me with a taste of her piss.  "I've been holding it just for you" she laughed, "Be appreciative."

I was.